TesioPower 10
is here

TesioPower 10

Updated TesioPower brings a new look, speed and features.
We've overhauled every aspect of TesioPower to integrate a new database that has huge performance improvements over the previous system and added a new Ribbon that puts the control of a page right up front, making the system easier to learn and use. See screenshot.

Database has been updated with new horses, stallions and results.
We're constantly updating the TesioPower database, but with each major release we add more horses beyond the regular stakes winners. It's a great time to get up to date. Current users with a Data Update subscription will have TesioPower 10 added to their subscription when they upgrade.

Performance means enjoyment, time savings and ease of use.
Every aspect of the program has been made faster making it more enjoyable to use and saving you time.
Working with longer pedigrees and finding those desirable ancestors can test any computer, so we've updated how TesioPower works with the database to make it quicker.

A great new look.
TesioPower's new look is based on the Ribbon concept. The Ribbon is the band of icons across the top of the page that lets you access a program's features. Sometimes program options are hidden away and hard to use. The new TesioPower Ribbon puts the features you need as an easy to use row of large icons across the screen.
New Look

Stallion Finder now gets results 5 to 10 times faster than before.
One of our most used features, Stallion Finder now lets you see its results in a fraction of the time. Tests show that its possible to check a mare against 100's of stallions in just a few seconds. No waiting means you get more done.

Pedigrees have a new zoom feature, making them easier to read.
Eight generation pedigrees on screen are an amazing feature, but often only able to be read on large screens. The Zoom button resizes the pedigree font making it much easier to read and places a scroll bar at the right of the pedigree so you can move up and down the page.
Pedigree Zoom

Pedigree Research has all generations on one page.
Swapping between generations used to be a slow process. Now it's as quick as clicking a button. And if you need to look back many generations, you can now do so much quicker than before. A 12 generation pedigree, with linebreeding information can be run in less than 10 seconds, collating thousands of ancestors and list them for you. A serious time-saving for the serious researcher and fascinating for the casual browser.

Dosage information on Stallion Finder.
A useful way to gauge the potential of a mating, users have previously need to move to another screen to view the information. Stallion Finder now has the dosage information alongside each stallion, putting the information at your fingertips. This handy feature was added to later versions of TesioPower and is now a feature on TesioPower 10.
Stallion Finder Dosage

Multiple Data now works to 4 generations.
When you're building a pedigree, Multiple Data saves you time and makes the process fun. Now Multiple Data operates to four generations so you can see your pedigrees grow as you enter the data.

Test Mating works with any horses.
Previously limited to working only with horses marked as Stallions, our Test Mating Wizard now allows you to mate any horse with any mare.

Loads much more quickly.
As part of our drive to improve TesioPower we examined every aspect of its performance and found ways to dramatically improve load time. A small thing, but no waiting is good.