How can TesioPower help Linebreeding Professionals ?

As a linebreeding professional, you already know the benefits of linebreeding. Now TesioPower can help you get the message to your clients.

The tools in TesioPower will help you get work done more efficiently than ever. Pedigrees can be created in seconds and can be printed in an attractive format with your name at the top of each page.

You can add or change as many horses in the database as you wish, even adding notes to any horse, allowing the TesioPower database to become your central knowledge store.

When you create pedigree presentations for clients, TesioPower's professional reports add value to your own materials and give your client all the information required to back up your recommendations.

Especially important for today's time-poor clients, TesioPower's ability to create PDF versions of any printed report allows you to harness the power of the internet and send your reports via email, reducing the time lag between an information request and delivery.

For a small investment, TesioPower gives you more time for research, by reducing the amount of time required to produce reports, getting that competitive edge for you and your clients.