How can TesioPower help Stallion Owners?

There's an increasing awareness amongst broodmare owners of linebreeding and the benefits it can bring to a pedigree. You can help your clients plan matings for their mares, by showing them pedigrees of matings between your stallions and their mares.

TesioPower's clearly laid our reports can help your clients decide which stallion to choose.

TesioPower even has a special tool that will automatically create a series of pedigrees comparing all your stallions to all a client's mares, so you can scan them and then present the best choices. At sales, catalogue pages are great for showing the winning performers in a yearling's family, but the short form pedigree shown on each page doesn't go back enough generations to really show the all-important linebreeding. Pedigree charts from TesioPower can be a great selling tool when handed to clients along with your other material, or just enlarged and pinned to the stable door.

Software can't replace stockmanship, but TesioPower provides the tools to illustrate the benefits of one mating over another. TesioPower's pedigree charts and other reports make describing linebreeding to your clients much simpler, by color coding the duplicated ancestors and listing the key names within the pedigree. By allowing potential clients to take the reports away or by mailing them out, TesioPower's materials become a great selling aid, with your name at the top of each page.

For internet-savvy operators, TesioPower can even produce PDF versions of all it's printed materials, so you can instantly email them at no cost to clients around the world.

TesioPower has a low purchase price and can optionally be used in networked environments, meaning that all your staff can benefit from access. Data Updates keep your database up to date and you can add as many horses to your own system as you wish.